Typical Garage Door Repairs:

·         Damaged Panels
·         Broken Springs
·         Tune-ups/Lubrication
·         Spring Adjustments
·         Door Off Track
·         Roller Replacement
·         Weather Stripping Replacement
·         Bottom Seal Replacement
·         Door Balancing
·         Circuit board Replacement
·         Gear and sprocket replacement
·         Programming
·         Cable Replacement
·         Door Reinforcement
·         New Garage Door installation
·         New operator installation

Your garage door is the single largest moving object in your home.  It is imperative your garage door be maintained properly.  Bi-annual lubrication is typically sufficient but it should also be inspected by a professional once per year.  The door balance should be checked and well as the safety reverse of the garage door opener.  Your door could be potentially dangerous, if either one of these is out of adjustment.  Often times it makes sense to invest in garage door repair as opposed to replacing it.  A garage door has many moving parts required for normal operation.  These parts do wear out.  If these worn parts are not replaced prior to failures in their entirety, much larger problems can occur.   Examples would be, the door coming off track and/or cables coming loose.  While often times these problems can be repaired, some of the time the door is too heavily damaged and cannot be saved!  It is always best to correct these potential problems before they happen.  Broken springs are a very common garage door repair issue.  The torsion spring system is a counter-balance system, so it is critical that the proper springs be installed.  At Alliance Overhead Door, we ALWAYS demonstrate the proper balance to our customer after completing a torsion spring replacement.  As mentioned above, if the door is not balanced, premature wear of both the garage door and garage door opener will result.  We carry many different sizes of springs on the service trucks.  If we don’t have the proper springs on the truck at the time of service, we will get the proper springs to insure the garage door repair is done correctly.  You WILL NOT be charged for any additional time.  On occasion we do run into garage doors that are larger and/or heavier than traditional set up.  In this case we measure for the proper springs and return at a later date to complete the garage door repair.  Unfortunately, some companies will install what they have on the truck at the time and the homeowner doesn’t even know it.  Our AOD PROMISE is that this will NEVER happen when you hire us to replace your springs.


Just for peace of mind, we will show you the door balance at the time of repair.   Another common repair made is what is known as a “spun cable”.  This is when the lift cables come loose causing uneven tension on the door which causes it to become crooked and stuck in the tracks.  Often times this unfortunate situation looks worse than it really is.  It is best to leave the door alone and call AOD immediately.  Most of the time we can get the door back on track and back to offering safe, reliable operation.  Worn rollers can also cause a door to come off track.  Replacing the rollers before they wear out is almost always less expensive than the cost of repairing a door that has come off track.  Worn or frayed cables should be replaced as soon as they are noticed.  If a cable breaks, it will cause the door to become crooked and stuck in the tracks.  It is cost effective to replace them before they break because that repair is not as labor intensive as when the door is stuck in the tracks.

Very often when your garage door opener is not functioning properly it can be repaired. Diagnosing and repairing your existing motor may be a less expensive option than replacing the unit. We often recommend repair over replacement for this reason. We always carry a full inventory of garage door opener parts on our trucks, so we can typically repair it on the first visit.  There are  times when we recommend replacement.  Federal Regulations (UL 325) were updated in 1993, which mandated infrared safety beams. If your unit was manufactured prior to 1993,  it is unlikely your home would pass an inspection, so we would recommend to replace in this situation.  If the brand of opener has been discontinued (no longer being made), parts for these openers are usually unavailable and replacing is usually the only option.  Although we carry such a broad range of parts inventory on the service trucks, sometimes we still have a part even if it has been discontinued so at least you have options.  Garage door openers, like most other technologies today, are changing rapidly to include features that make your life easier and more secure. You can count on Alliance Overhead Door to inform you about the newest garage door openers and accessories available!


Why Do Garage Door Openers Fail?  Normal wear and tear is a natural occurrence, but often there are underlying issues that cause premature failures.  Alliance Overhead Door always performs a Balance Test on your door as recommended by DASMA (Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association ).  The reason for this test is to determine whether your door is out of balance or not. If the door is not balanced, it will exert an inordinate amount of stress on the opener and garage door and will cause your opener to fail over and over again. A common cause of an unbalanced garage door is having the wrong size spring(s) on the door. Alliance Overhead Door will always let you know if this is a potential problem and if it is, diagnose the fix as a part of your included Safety Inspection.  Do not hesitate to call us today to learn more about our openers. We will be happy to answer any further questions.  “Can you Fix My Opener?”  I get this question all the time.  The answer is yes provided repair parts are available.  What sets AOD apart from most garage door repair and installation companies is not only our experience level, but the huge parts inventory carried on our service trucks.  We repair ALL major brands including: LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Genie, Marantec, Sears, Overhead Door, Raynor, Stanley, Craftsman, and more!